Being seen

A sensitive plant – a mimosa pudica – is connected to a raspberry PI mini computer equipped with a camera. The new collective body of electronically extended plant uses vision AI (YOLOv5) to recognize human bodies nearby. Once a human body is recognized, the mimose closes its leaves by receiving an electrical signal.

In case the leaves are closed but the human body is persistent and does not want to go away, the mimosa closes the curtain to hide itself even more.

This installation explores what actually constitutes bodies. Are human bodies defined by being recognized by a trained AI? Can plant bodies too be extended through technology, like human bodies are? How does it feel to have your body recognized as a threat or be seen as unwelcome? And can a plant body truly be shy, like its botanical name suggests?

The installation has been shown at the Otherwise interactive exhibition in Gessnerallee, Zürich.

Dieses Projekt wurde unterstützt durch das Stipendium zur Förderung der künstlerischen Praxis im Zusammenhang mit der Corona-Pandemie beim Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst.